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First Aid and CPR Courses

The Black Headers are the Major Course Categories. Please scroll through the courses to check out the various headers:

  • Heart and Stroke Courses: for healthcare providers only
  • Red Cross Courses
  • Advanced Courses
  • Red Cross Instructor Courses
  • Other Courses
  • Products and Services

The Courses illustrated on this page are Color Coded for ease of use. The color scheme for some of the more common courses is presented here. Please click into the course beside the color legend to direct you to the course that interests you: please give it a try.

Color Legend:

Purple = Heart and Stroke Courses for Healthcare Providers Only
Green = CPR Courses
Gray = EMR/AFA
If you are interested in the course, click into it: anything that is underlined on this page means that there is further information available. By clicking into the course, which is underlined, you will be directed to the course description, dates and locations and online registration. If a course is marked ‘Full’ there are no seats available for that date. If a course is marked ‘Register/Pay Online’ it means that spaces are available for that date.
Alternately, emailĀ and ask for a direct link to the course you are looking for.

You must be REGISTERED into a course to attend:

  • Breath for Life does not cancel courses that you commit to and parking is free.
  • First Aid courses include CPR/AED training.
  • Confirmation/Receipts are issued with every online course registration and payment.
  • The preferred method of payment is online for the privacy and protection of your information.
  • Children and babies may not attend a course with their parent or guardian.
  • Breath for Life offers On-Site Training and Group Rates.
  • If you have a question please email:

As COVID-19 is not over:

  1. Courses with online registration dates will be offered. Some courses remain postponed until further notice. Please click into the course of interest to determine its status.
  2. Various courses are offered using a Blended (online/in-class) or Virtual method of delivery (please click into the course you are interested in to determine how it will be offered).

Please note: The only available location for course offerings will be the Breath for Life facility: 4443-99 Street Edmonton, Ab T6E 5B6

Breath for Life’s commitment to Keeping you Safe.

Please check the website regularly for course status and updates.

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Heart & Stroke Courses

ACLS Courses

1. ACLS Course

2. ACLS Renewal Course

BLS Provider Courses: (formerly CPR-HCP C)

1. BLS Provider 4 Hour

2. BLS Provider 2.25 Hour

Canadian Red Cross Courses

Standard First Aid: Level A or C CPR & AED

2 Days: Standard First Aid

1 Day: Standard First Aid: Renewal

Standard First Aid: BLS & AED

2 Days: Standard First Aid – BLS (HCP)

1 Day: Standard First Aid – BLS (HCP) Renewal

Standard Childcare First Aid: CPR B & AED

2 Days: Childcare First Aid

1 Day: Childcare First Aid: Renewal

Not Offered: Emergency Childcare

Emergency First Aid: CPR C & AED

1 Day: Emergency First Aid

CPR C & AED (Not BLS Provider)

6.5 Hr: CPR Level C

4 Hr: CPR Level C: Renewal

Psychological First Aid

1. Psychological First Aid


1. Babysitting Course

2. Stay Safe! Home Alone

Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses: EMR/AFA

1. Emergency Medical Responder

2. Advanced First Aid

2a. Advanced First Aid/EMR Renewal

Red Cross Instructor Courses

First Aid/CPR Instructor Courses: Red Cross

1. Instructor Course

1a. Instructor Renewal Course

3. Teaching Experience Supervisor (TES)

4. Youth Leader (Babysitting) Instructor

Other Courses

Heart and Stroke Standard First Aid

2 Days Heart and Stroke SFA BLS Provider


1. WHMIS Online

Medication Administration

2. Medication Administration

Other Red Cross Courses

4. Red Cross Basic Life Support CPR

5. Cannabis in the Workplace: Training for Workers

6. Workplace Emergency First Aid (WEFA)

Products and Services


Mask Fit Testing