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BLS Provider 2.25 Hour

Coronavirus Position Statement and Updates. BLS recert Courses are being offered as scheduled.  Small class sizes are emphasized to meet and exceed the social distancing recommendations. During this uncertain time we reserve the right to postpone a BLS recert session depending on class numbers (min 4 participants) and/or the situation with COVID-19.

The Heart and Stroke has stated the following on March 19, 2020: We recognize it is critical for some organizations to maintain their current training schedules as CPR is a life-saving skill. If postponing training is not possible, we require instructors and participants to implement the additional personal protective equipment measures (outlined in the network communication on Friday, March 13, 2020) and adhere to existing Heart & Stroke IRRP requirements for equipment decontamination during training sessions. We want to reinforce the importance of infection control practices and other best practices that will help reduce the risk of disease transmission.

 As Breath for Life is managed/operated by Registered Nurses were are committed to following and exceeding sterilization/sanitation practices:

1) When you enter our facility you will be asked 3 questions: To the best of your knowledge have you been exposure to anyone with the virus? Are you feeling ill at the moment (sore throat, fever, etc…) Have you been abroad in the past 3 weeks? If the answer to any of these questions are “yes” you will be asked to reschedule your class.
2) Prior to entering our sterilized classroom you will be asked to wash your hands. You will be provided with a pair of gloves.
3) Chairs (that are wiped after each class) are spaced 2 meters or more apart. Each individual is provided with their own manikins, AED , and BVMs
4) During skill practice social distancing will be enforced by each student using their own equipment.
5) After breaks and for each use of the washrooms commonly touched surfaces are sterilized (door knobs, taps, toilet flusher and toilet seats, paper toilet dispensers and door stalls, etc….
6) After class completion each piece of equipment is sterilized and ready for the next class.
7) After everyone has exited the building a further through sterilization of the classrooms and common areas is completed.

Heart and Stroke BLS Provider Renewal Course

The Heart and Stroke Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Renewal Course is meant for experienced* healthcare providers who use their BLS skills regularly. This course places a strong emphasis on high-quality CPR using the Bag-Valve-Mask, AED and various CPR ratios.

* Experienced means that you use BLS skills regularly in your career. It does not mean that you certify yearly.

To qualify for this course you must be an experienced practitioner and have:

  • A current (not expired) Heart and Stroke BLS Provider Certificate (no grace periods or extensions) or;
  • An expired certificate but have taken the Heart and Stroke Prerequisite Challenge (an on-line assessment to assess your knowledge (Frequently Asked Questions) or;
  • A current (not expired within 1 year) BLS Healthcare Provider course from another agency (ie. St. John’s Ambulance, Lifesaving Society, Red Cross) AND you have completed the Prerequisite Challenge
  • If you do not meet the above criteria, you must register into the BLS Provider Course 4 hour course.


BLS Provider Renewal Course Details

  • Time:  See Dates Below – More dates available: BLS Provider 4 hour course
  • Duration: 2.25 hours
  • Cost: $80.00 + GST = $84.00 and/or with manual $100+GST=$105.00 (Manual version: 4th printing Dec 2017)
  • Breath for Life does not cancel courses
  • Certificate: Valid for One Year
  • Taking the BLS Provider course yearly does not imply experienced. Experienced means you work on a code team or within a professional capacity where you perform CPR regularly
  • Parking is free
  • Being on time is mandatory
  • Online registration is preferred
  • You may register online or visit the office at 4443 – 99 Street. Please email your questions or requests to

BLS Provider 2.25 Hour Dates




April 9: Thurs
5:45pm - 8pm

Breath for Life’s Training Facility
4443 - 99 St T6E 5B6 • MAP




May 20: Wed
5:45pm - 8pm

Breath for Life’s Training Facility
4443 - 99 St T6E 5B6 • MAP

Accepted Payment Methods

Payment option cash


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