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Workplace Emergency First Aid (WEFA)

Red Cross Workplace Emergency First Aid Course (WEFA)

The Workplace Emergency First Aid Course is a BC approved self-study course that is taken after the completion of an Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid Course. This self-study course allows the participant to become familiar with Workplace BC standards/legislation and gives the participant an out-of-jurisdiction certificate to be able to work in BC.  This Red Cross self-study package is recognized by Worksafe BC as equivalent to the Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1. With successful completion, a WEFA certificate will be issued which is valid for 3 years. However,  the date of the WEFA certificate will be congruent with the date of issue and date of expiry of your Standard or Emergency First Aid course.

Prerequisite: Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR or Red Cross Emergency First Aid/CPR

Upcoming dates:  Standard First Aid Level C or Emergency First Aid Level C course

To purchase the WEFA self-study package for $35+gst

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