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Advanced First Aid

Advanced First AidCoronavirus Position Statement and Updates

Red Cross Advanced First Aid Course

Update: As COVID positive cases continue to climb, this class will be postponed until further notice. This class involves too much time in the classroom face-to-face and some of the skills cannot be practiced with social distancing. Virtual or blended delivery is not available for this class.

As per OHS: First Aid/CPR certifications that have expired after March are considered valid until at least September. Participants are required to hold onto their expired certificates as proof and OHS officers have flexibility to accept expired certificates.

Welcome to the Advanced First Aid Course page. Breath for Life has offered this program to the community since 2007. This course is  approved by Workplace Health and Safety (WHS or OHS) in Alberta under the Canadian Red Cross and is equivalent to an OFA 3 in British Columbia. This course may be required to fulfill first aid and safety expectations within the Workplace (Industry) or as a pre-requisite to enter into Law Enforcement, Firefighting or other professional programs. As per Edmonton Fire Recruitment, this course fulfills the entry requirements specific to a:

  • Certified Red Cross Advanced First Aid (AFA) – 80 hr Alberta OHS approved course

The Advanced First Aid course integrates theory and practice to prepare you for emergency response in the workplace. Breath for Life engages the student in their academic learning and practical development by taking a hands-on approach. The Advanced First Aid e-certificate issued to you by the Red Cross is valid for 3 years.

If your certificate is current, you may take the Advanced First Aid Renewal Course.

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  • Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • 110% guys. Awesome class. Best instructors – hands down.
  • Excellent course.
  • I really loved all the teachers, the answered my questions with full responses. When I needed extra help they gave it to me.
  • I was overwhelmed by the information but with well-spoken, knowledgeable teachers I was able to understand and grasp everything. Thank you.
  • Everything was great.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it.
  • Very good teaching skills which helped with learning.
  • Everything was good.
  • Keep doing what you’re doing to inspire others. Very informative course and would recommend to any first responder
  • This is the most in depth course I’ve been in and I don’t believe I would change anything because of how great it is. Thanks for the course everyone at Breath for Life.
  • Course was great! Friendly staff and good facilities.
  • Keep up the great work!
  • Alfred is very precise on the tools he uses for teaching; helps understanding anatomy a lot easier.
  • I enjoyed this course. Instructors were great! Thank you!
  • Really enjoyed the course, was over-whelming at first with all the information but got more relaxed as the course progressed.
  • Awesome course!
  • I would 100% recommend to a friend! I loved the pace and teaching style! Thanks guys 🙂
  • Great course! Excellent interaction with the entire class. Enjoyable. 10/10! Thank you very much!!
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