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Emergency Childcare


Breath for Life does not offer the Emergency Childcare First Aid Course to the community. A Standard Childcare Course may be more suitable to your needs as it offers topics beyond the Emergency Childcare Course. The Standard Childcare First Aid Course is a two day course as opposed to the Emergency Childcare Course which is a one day course. Topics included in the Standard Childcare course, which are not covered in the Emergency Childcare Course, include medication administration, childhood illnesses and splinting. This two day course will provide you with the knowledge, awareness and skill training to provide first aid care to children.

Breath for Life Inc. has been offering the Standard Childcare First Aid course since 1996. This Red Cross course has been supported by Alberta Social Services, the Childcare community at large and has become the standard for children’s care.

Breath for Life Inc will not honor renewal requests into the Emergency Childcare First Aid Course. Breath for Life Inc recommends taking the two day Standard Childcare First Aid Level B CPR course. If you renew within three years, you will qualify to take a one day renewal course thereafter.

I would like to take the Standard Childcare First Aid Level B CPR Course.