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Medication Administration

Medication Administration Breath for Life’s commitment to Keeping You Safe

This course is being offered through Virtual Delivery. 

Medication Administration Course

The Medication Administration Course helps participants understand the process of delivering medications safely to others. This one day course focuses on understanding agency protocols around documentation expectations, rights of medication administration and method of delivery in the context of legalities and prevention of errors. This discussion based course, is taught by a medical professional who will help you build a sound awareness of safe administration practices. This course follows the learning outcomes of the Alberta Council of Disability Services.

Course Topics

  • General rules & Rights
  • Documentation Records
  • Administration Methods
    • Oral/Liquid & Solid Medications
    • Ear Drops
    • Eye Drops and Ointments
    • Nasal Sprays
    • Puffers & Spacer-devices
    • Topical Medications & Patches
    • Rectal Suppositories & Enemas
    • Epi-Pens
  • Administration Challenges
  • Discontinued Medications
  • Monthly & LOA Medications
  • Common Challenges
  • Signs/Symptoms of Common Medical Conditions
  • Medication Packaging & Labeling
  • Common Medication Classifications

Course Details

  • Date/Time: Please select a date below
  • Duration: 6 Hours (4 hour virtual session and 2 hour homework assignment which needs to be emailed to the instructor).
  • Cost:  $85.00+GST/Person (see dates below).
  • To book a group session please email:

Medication Administration Dates




November 18: Thursday
9AM - 1PM -- 6 Hours (4 hour virtual session and 2 hour homework assignment) --

Virtual Session (At your home)

Accepted Payment Methods

Payment option cash

  • Great instructor! Kept me interested the whole way through! Excellent!
  • It was great overall. I learned allot of things regarding medications I didn’t learn before.
  • Really more informative and engaging than I was expecting. Thanks for excellence in teaching.
  • Much better considering it was a Saturday! Great job! Very enthusiastic, made the day go by quickly.
  • Did an amazing job! He kept the course lively and held the attention of the course attendees. Awesome job!
  • Very engaged! Excellent instructor, kept people interested and having fun throughout.
  • This instructor took the stress out of what could have been a stressful course. Keep up the good work.
  • Very instructive! Received lot of information for med administration.
  • Very informative and took the time to explain any queries.
  • Very well done and very informative. Good hands on approach.
  • Patient, relevant, rolled with content and participants. Very informative and enjoyable.
  • Amazing job. Would highly recommend course to other people.
  • Great, good sense of course, very energetic.
  • Took a course before, elsewhere, and this one was less stressful and fun. Great class.
  • Fantastic! Learned allot. Very knowledgeable and upbeat.
  • Awesome! Knowledgeable, engaging, fun, efficient. Loved him! Thanks!