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Mask Fit Testing

Mask Fit Testing

Breath for Life offers qualitative mask fit testing which follows legislative and CSA standards. The testing is conducted by an Occupational Health Nurse experienced in mask fitting. The test includes a three stage process: a medical questionnaire to determine if there are risks to fit testing, education around mask use and how to care for the mask and the final step is the fit test.

Certificates are issued with a successful fitting.

Breath for Life cannot stock or supply the many masks that are available in the marketplace for purchase. Because of this, you are required to supply the mask that you are expected to wear in your workplace. There are many variables that affect whether a proper fit or seal will be established when being fit tested. The main consideration is the quality of the mask. There are many generic and knock-offs that are entering the market these days and some of these masks are not quality masks. The other consideration for mask fitting is facial structure and features such as: size, bone structure, nose size, scars, facial hair, etc). Because of this Breath for Life has hired an Occupational Health Nurse to conduct the mask fitting to ensure that this fit-testing is performed to the highest standard. No compromise around creating a seal will be accepted in the name of personal and public safety.

Mask Fitting Details

  • Duration: 15-20 min per Fit Test per person
  • Cost: $50.00+GST per person (This price is for a single mask fitting only; if you want a second mask fitted it will cost you a second mask-fitting fee – you will need to register twice).
  • Location: 4443-99 Street Edmonton, Ab T6E 5B6
  • Please note due to COVID:
  • Breath for Life will not mask fit on weekends (sat/sun)
  • There will be no group rates however Breath for Life will come on-site for groups of 8 or more
Please note: You cannot attend the Mask Fit if you are:
1) Self-isolating or have been in known contact with someone with the virus
2) You have traveled in the past 3 weeks (you should be self-isolating)
3) You have any symptoms of illness (sore throat, cough, fever, chest congestion, etc) 

To book in for a mask fit please click the following link: mask fit form

For more information please email:

Mask Fit Testing Dates

Accepted Payment Methods

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