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Mask Fit Testing

Mask Fit Testing

Breath for Life performs qualitative mask fit testing performed by its Occupational Health Nurse; testing follows legislative and CSA standards.

As mask manufacturers are numerous and mask fitting is specific to the mask you will be wearing, Breath for Life does not stock or supply masks for fit-testing. You must supply your own mask.

Fit testing places the wearer of the mask under various testing conditions to challenge the mask seal. Variables that affect a successful fit test include: the quality of mask, mask size and facial features. Not every mask is of equal quality and the mask you select for fitting or want to use must be specific to your facial size and features. Based on these considerations, not every mask can be successfully fitted. If you are successfully fit-tested a certificate will be issued to you. Certificates are valid for 2 years.


  • Duration: 15-20 min per Fit Test per person
  • Cost: $50.00+GST per mask fit
  • Location: 4443-99 Street Edmonton, Ab T6E 5B6
  • Please note :
    • Breath for Life will not mask fit on weekends (Sat/Sun)
    • There are no group rates for this service however Breath for Life will come on-site for groups of 10 or more

To book in for a mask fit please click the following link: mask fit registration

If you have questions please email:

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