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Advanced First Aid Renewal

Coronavirus Updates and Position Statement

Red Cross Advanced First Aid Renewal Course

Update: As COVID positive cases continue to climb, this class will be postponed until further notice. This class involves too much time in the classroom face-to-face and some of the skills cannot be practiced with social distancing. Virtual or blended delivery is not available for this class.

As per OHS: First Aid/CPR certifications that have expired after March are considered valid until at least September. Participants are required to hold onto their expired certificates as proof and OHS officers have flexibility to accept expired certificates.

The Canadian Red Cross, Advanced First Aid Renewal Course, approved by Workplace Health and Safety, reviews  traumatic injuries and medical illnesses within the context of the primary and secondary survey.  A focus on establishing an airway, ventilating, performing CPR and applying an AED, will be studied and practiced along with  musculoskeletal and soft tissue injury management. Other learning opportunities are available on an as needed basis.

Please Note: If your certificate is current, within three years, please register for this course online.  If your certificate is expired please check out the Advanced First Aid full course. Please click into the Renewal Schedule to view the dates and times of this course.

Coronavirus Position Statement

Advanced First Aid Course details:

  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Cost: $675.00 + GST = $708.75
  • Manual Cost 2019: $185 + GST = $194.25

Breath for Life will accept non-expired certificates from approved agencies. Breath for Life Does Not Cancel scheduled Courses and Parking is Free.

Accepted Payment Methods

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