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AFA/EMR Renewal

Advanced First Aid/EMR Renewal Course

Welcome to the Advanced First Aid or EMR Renewal Course.

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The Canadian Red Cross, Advanced First Aid Renewal Course, is  approved by Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) in Alberta under the Canadian Red Cross. It is equivalent to an OFA 3 in British Columbia and meets the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z1210-17 – Advanced.

This forty hour course explores assessment and treatment priorities within the context of the primary and secondary assessment. Primary considerations focus on the recognition and treatment of immediate life threatening emergencies. The secondary assessment focuses on patient stability during the time it takes for EMS to arrive and to treat other problems that do not pose an immediate risk to life.   A review of medical illnesses and traumatic injuries will facilitate sign and symptom recognition to initiate correct treatment decisions. You will enjoy the passionate and insightful delivery of this course in your pursuit of success.

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  • Duration: 40 hours (in-class and virtual delivery)
  • Cost: $750.00 + GST = $787.50
  • Manual Cost 2019: $150 + GST = $157.50

Breath for Life accepts non-expired certificates from approved agencies.

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