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Stay Safe! Home Alone Policies

Please read how Breath for Life is keeping you safe when you participate in a course: Breath for Life’s commitment to Keeping you Safe.

As the pandemic is still among us, once again threatening our health and safety, Breath for Life strongly encourages the wearing of masks in the classroom.

Policies: Your communication with Breath for Life will be by email only:

  1. You must arrive on time for your scheduled course. If you arrive late, it will be assumed that your child will not be attending the course and no refund will be issued. A full registration fee will apply if you want your child to attend a future course. Make it your priority to arrive on time. Please check your confirmation and receipt for the date and start time of the course.
  2. Picking up your child on time is imperative. You will be informed about the course end time when you drop off your child. You will be required to pay $10.00 for each 15 minute interval that you are late. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is picked up on time.
  3. Breath for Life will not issue refunds or credits for cancellations, reschedules or postponements of your course when the course is marked “full” on the website – regardless of reason (this includes covid, illness or any other circumstance). This course is final sale when this course is marked as “full” on the website. It will be up to you to fill the seat that your child vacates for a reschedule to be considered. When a course is locked down, preventing the acceptance of registrations into this course, Breath for Life requires your good will in finding a replacement.
  4. Please note: If you contact Breath for Life the evening of or the day of the course wishing to cancel, reschedule or postpone you accept that you have forfeited your registration fees and there will be no applicable credits. If you inform Breath for Life of your child’s absence after the course start time you accept that you have forfeited your registration fees.
  5. If you cancel or request a reschedule of the course within 2 business days of the course start date, you accept a loss of your registration fees. Cancellations within 10 business days (outside of the two business day window) will result in a cancellation fee of 1/2 the cost of the course. Any cancellation outside of this window will result in a 25% processing fee.
  6. If a reschedule is permitted, your child must register into the next available course. A fee, equivalent to 50% of the course registration fee will apply, regardless of when you registered into this course.
  7. Only one reschedule may be permitted. Any further requests to reschedule will result in a loss of your registration fee with no refund.
  8. If you do not attend your course or complete your scheduled course no refund will be issued or credits applied.
  9. No reschedules or refunds will be permitted if your child’s absence or lateness (when the door is locked you will not be granted access into your course) is due to inclement weather, car troubles, transportation issues or any other problem outside of Breath for Life’s responsibility. Breath for Life’s responsibility is to deliver the course you registered into. 
  10. If you book into a holiday weekend your booking is considered final sale and any consideration to cancel, reschedule or postpone the course, what ever the reason, will result in a loss of your registration fees: no refund or credit will be issued.
  11. These policies apply regardless of when you booked into this course.

Breath for Life Inc reserves the right to change these policies without notice and any dispute of its policy will default to the latest version.

Reminder: Please bring indoor shoes or socks. For safety reasons, outdoor shoes are not allowed in the training facility. Please pack a lunch/snacks/beverage for your child as your child will not be allowed to leave the Breath for Life facility. Lunches and snacks are not provided.

Please note: If AHS enforces covid restrictions, Breath for Life reserves the right to change your course date or course delivery method without consequence. No refunds will be issued for this inconvenience.