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Professional Responder Policies

Breath for Life’s commitment to Keeping you Safe.

Administration fee means $300.00 plus applicable taxes

By registering into this course you accept and understand that you have reserved a seat to attend your selected course on a given date and at a specified time (please ensure you understand the date and start time of your course). Your course is confirmed and Breath for Life commits to delivering the course you have registered into. Please read the following policies that apply to your registration.

As the province has lifted restrictions allowing the general population to enjoy public life once again, Breath for Life will not allow for a free rebooking (reschedule) or cancellation related to considerations around covid or any other illness and the policies outlined below apply. You are required to give Breath for Life ample time to reopen your reserved seat to the public so that another participant may occupy the reserved seat that you are vacating. Alternately, if you know of someone who can occupy your reserved seat, this will be allowed and your registration can be transferred to that person. If your seat remains vacant, Breath for Life will not allow for a reschedule and the policies outlined below apply.

General Policies:

    1. Breath for Life has business hours during which emails will be answered. If you email Breath for Life outside of its business hours a response will be emailed to you the next business day. Cancellation or reschedules must be emailed to  Cancellations or reschedule requests by voice mail will not be honored.
    2. If you contact Breath for Life Inc about cancelling, rescheduling or postponing your course the day of or after your course has started, regardless of reason, you accept that you have forfeited your fees; no refund or credit will be issued..
    3. If you cancel or reschedule your reserved seat, you must give Breath for Life ample time to fill your reserved seat. Any reschedule or cancellation request made within 5 business days (excluding holidays, stats and weekends) of your course start date, will result in a loss of your registration fees: no refund or request to reschedule will be honored. If your email request to cancel is made outside of Breath for Life’s business hours (Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM) your request will default to the next business day.
    4. If you are able to transfer your registration fee to someone else (substitutions are accepted) please email the office their information and your registration will be transferred to the designated person. This transfer is final sale with no refund. When your registration has been transferred, if you require to register into a future course a full registration fee will apply.
    5. If you cancel or reschedule your course 20 business days prior to the 5 Business Day policy (number 3 above) the administration fee will apply. If you reschedule you must schedule into the next available date. 
    6. Reschedule requests may occur once only and must be approved by Breath for Life’s discretionary committee – the administration fee will apply. One accommodation to reschedule, transfer, postpone your course will be honored based on the conditions outlined in these policies. Requests that fall outside of the terms and conditions of the policies will not be honored and no credit of your initial payment will be carried forward to a future reservation/reschedule: no refunds, credits or accommodations will be considered. Any request to reschedule a course thereafter, will result in a loss of fees and you will be required to pay the full course cost to attend a future course. No refunds will be returned.
    7. If you decide to cancel or reschedule your course prior to the 20 business day policy a processing fee of 25% will apply to a cancellation request only. 
    8. This courses requires a minimum number of participants to deliver this course. Breath for Life reserves the right to reschedule a course when minimum participant numbers are not met as mandated by the Canadian Red Cross. When minimum numbers have been met this course is final sale.
    9. Given the above, when a course is marked as full on the website, no refunds/credits will be issued for cancellations, reschedules or postponements. However, if a course is not marked as full, the aforesaid policies also apply without exception. Your registration into a course is regarded as a commitment and by registering you reserve your seat for the date and time of your course. Breath for Life protects your reserved seat from being occupied by another person and commits to delivering the course that you registered into.
    10. You must arrive on time. If you arrive late for your scheduled course and the building is locked it will be assumed that you will not be attending the course and no refund/credit will be issued. Make it your priority to arrive on time – be early not late. Please check your confirmation/notification receipt or the Breath for Life website for the date and start time of your course. Late arrivals are disruptive to the students who arrive on time, the instructors and other internal processes.
    11. No reschedules, credits or refunds will be permitted if your absence or lateness (when the door is locked you will not be granted access into your course) is due to inclement weather, car troubles or any concerns outside of Breath for Life’s responsibility. Breath for Life’s responsibility is to deliver the course you registered into. Your responsibility is to attend your scheduled course. Attendance is mandatory and absences could jeopardize your certification. If you chose not to complete your course, absences will result in an incomplete, no certificate will be issued to you and no refunds/credits will be returned.
    12. All purchased course materials are final sale and will not be calculated into a refund. When course materials have been received no registration refunds will be returned.
    13. These policies apply regardless of when you booked into your course (ex: same day bookings, within 3 business days, etc).

Reminder: Please bring indoor shoes or socks. For safety reasons, shoes worn outside will not be permitted in the training facilities. Switching your shoes in your vehicle and then wearing them to the building means your shoes were worn outside. All shoes worn outside must be removed.

These policies may change without notice. Policies reflecting the most current change will apply to your registration.