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Policies for Medication Administration

Welcome to Breath for Life!

Breath for Life thanks you for taking the time to review its policies around your course registration before submitting payment. Entering your name, initials, a representative acting on your behalf and/or random letters/numbers/characters in the space provided on the Registration Form, which prompts you to read and accept the policies, confirms your acceptance of the following policies as reasonable. Based on the acceptance of these policies and your registration payment, you have now entered into a contract with Breath for Life and the policies outlined below will be followed. Please note: the following policies apply to your reservation based on your registration payment (cost of the course) for the date and time which you selected and does not apply to a future date unless supported by policy. 

Breath for Life is bound to be fair and transparent, based on governing body oversight, and will apply these policies with impartially and equality

Please note: Breath for Life reserves the right to update these policies without informing the registrant and the most current policy edit will be applied to any dispute or challenge.
1 Being Punctual Logging into this virtual course on time is mandatory. This policy is in place so that registrants regard being on time with high priority. Lateness disrupts course delivery and 100% attendance is mandatory for certificates to be issued. If you log into the virtual session late your attendance may be rejected and no refund/credit or accommodations will be permitted based on punctuality challenges. Breath for Life’s responsibility is to start the course on time, as per all registrants’ expectations and deliver an uninterrupted course to those who logged into this virtual session on time. The expectation is that participants take this policy seriously and settle in before their course starts. The instructor logs into the virtual session 1/2 hour prior to course start time. The expectation is that participants do the same.
2 Contact Breath for Life can be reached by emailing Priority will be given to emails and not phone calls. Any and all correspondence, regardless of reason or need, must be in writing. Breath for Life’s commitment is to respond to your email within the same business day:
  • If you contact Breath for Life, about any issue after business hours, your email will be answered the next business day.
3 Final Sale Your registration payment (cost of the course) reserves a place for you as a virtual participant specific to the date and time of your course. If you do not attend (no-show) your course on the day of your course for whatever reason, or request to cancel or reschedule your registration for whatever reason prior to your course, no refunds, credits or accommodations will be considered. Registering into this course is final sale. As virtual sessions can be attended anywhere, it is up to the registrant to ensure that they know their schedule before registering and ensure that there are no conflicts in their schedule. Final Sale means there will be no accommodations, refunds or credits for any reason or excuse resulting in a lack of attendance. Examples include but are not limited to the following: didn’t know the location – this session is a virtual session; lost or didn’t receive the confirmation/receipt – when you register online a receipt is sent to the email provided; didn’t know the time zone – we are located in Alberta under Mountain Standard Time; didn’t receive the Google Meet link – Breath for Life cannot control whether a registrant receives and/or opens their email, whether email goes to Spam or Junk, deletes an email or whether an email is blocked. It is the responsibility of the registrant to reach out prior to the course to ensure that they have the resources to attend this course.
4 Assignment If you fail to complete the assignment of this course within the timeline specified by the instructor, regardless of reason, no refunds/credits or accommodations will be permitted. The instructor sets a deadline date to complete an assignment for certification to be achieved. That deadline is non-negotiable and if it is not completed within the time-frame of the deadline, the instructor will not correct the assignment and a certificate will not be issued. If you require a Med Admin Certificate and do not complete within the deadline, you will need to register into a future course at the registration cost of this course. 
5 Respect The expectation of respect applies to all email communication and virtual session communication: communication that is accusatory, malicious, pressured, unkind, manipulative and/or lacks diplomacy/respect will be ignored and may result in a disqualification from your course. Please communicate politely and respectfully.
6 Unforeseen Circumstances By accepting the policies, and then issuing payment to register into this course,  establishes a contract between you and Breath for Life. Acceptance of these policies means that you will abide by them if life circumstances change.  
If life circumstances change, for which you require an accommodation to cancel, reschedule or postpone your course requesting a refund or a credit the terms of the policies apply. Your registration applies to a single date and time only, and is final sale. 
As virtual sessions can be attended anywhere and this level of convenience is appreciated across Canada, Breath for Life will not enter into negotiations around an accommodation request.
7 Particulars The venue used to offer this virtual session is Google Meet. The session is broadcasted from Breath for Life’s Edmonton office in Alberta. A few days prior to your course start date an email will be sent to the registrant, from the Breath for Life office, with the Google Meet link. Logging into the session before the course starts is required to ensure that connectivity is established. Doing this during the course is disruptive and the instructor will brainstorm solutions before the course start time but not after. If you log into the session late, the Instructor will not accept your entrance into the course. The Instructor will not be your IT support and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have WIFI connectivity that works.  
Certification in this course, is achieved by successfully completing an assignment within the deadline outlined by your instructor. If remedial work is required, your instructor will provide a timeline to resubmit your assignment for success to be achieved. If after three remedial attempts , your assignment does not reflect the requirements of a pass, you will not be certified and a refund/credit will not be considered. 
Assignments emailed to the instructor after the deadline will constitute a fail and certification will be denied. Assignments that do not meet the expectations of a pass, after three attempts will result in a fail and certification will be denied. If a Medication certificate is required you will be required to take a future course at the  registration cost of the course.
With successful completion of your assignment, the instructor advises Breath for Life and a Medication Administration Certificate is emailed to the participant. To ensure that your information is correct on the certificate you will be required to enter your legal name on your assignment. Your assignment must be emailed to  Further details will be provided in your virtual session.