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Policies for BLS – HCP Course

Office Hours: 9AM – 4PM Monday to Friday excluding holidays and stats.

Course Hours: Courses are delivered on weekdays, weekends and holidays as per the schedule of each course illustrated on the Breath for Life website ( Course times may differ from office hours.

Location: Breath for Life operates at 4443 – 99 St. Edmonton Alberta (T6E 5B6).

Parking: Parking is free in the Breath for Life stalls at the front and back of the building. Please be mindful of how you park to maximize all available spots. There is also ample street parking (walking distance) available on 44th and 45th Ave. Access to the building is the back entrance where you will be signed into your course. The door is marked: “Student Entrance”. Please DO NOT park in “Access Insurance” stalls or any other tenant designated stalls on weekdays (Monday – Friday); parking in these stalls is acceptable on weekends only. 

Contact: If you need to contact Breath for Life please email: or

Communication is required by email to keep a record of any and all correspondence. 

Welcome to Breath for Life!

Breath for Life thanks you for taking the time to review its policies around your course registration before submitting payment. Entering your name, initials, a representative acting on your behalf and/or random letters/numbers/characters in the space provided on the Registration Form, which prompts you to read and accept the policies, confirms your acceptance of the following policies as reasonable. Based on the acceptance of these policies and your registration payment, you have now entered into a contract with Breath for Life and the policies outlined will serve as a template to achieve a win/win resolution.. Please note: the following policies apply to your reserved seat based on your registration payment (cost of the course) for the date and time which you selected and does not apply to a future date unless guided by policy. As the price point of this course is below market value, to make this course attractive to all Health Care Providers, the policies will apply without exception.

Breath for Life is bound to be fair and transparent, based on governing body oversight, and will apply these policies with impartially and equality

Please note: Breath for Life reserves the right to change these policies without informing the registrant of a change and the most current policy change will be applied to any dispute or challenge.
1 Punctuality Being on time for your course is mandatory regardless of price choice. Late arrivals disrupt course delivery and based on governing body oversight 100% attendance is mandatory for certificates to be issued. If you arrive late for your scheduled course, regardless of reason, and you are no longer permitted entry into the building, instructors will not interrupt their class to advise you that you will not be permitted into the course. Refunds/credits will not be issued for being late. If you wish to reschedule into another course, you will be required to reserve your seat at the registration cost of that course. Breath for Life’s responsibility is to start the course on time and deliver an uninterrupted course to those who arrived on time. The expectation is that participants arrive on time. Breath for Life opens its doors to the public 1/2 hour prior to the course start time; arrive early and take advantage of prime parking.
2 Contact Breath for Life can be reached by emailing Priority will be given to emails. Any and all correspondence, regardless of reason or need, must be in writing. Breath for Life’s commitment is to respond to your email within the same business day:
  • If you correspond after business hours, a response will be returned within the next business day. Breath for Life will not answer its phone during intake prior to a course, during sanitization of the facility (this occurs multiple times throughout the day), while in a classroom, when in meetings and most importantly when corresponding to a  customer who contacts the office by email;
  • If you contact Breath for Life, about your need to cancel, reschedule or postpone your course after business hours, your request will default to the next business day and policies will apply accordingly. 
3 Attendance (no show) Your registration payment (cost of the course) reserves a seat for you, specific to the date and time of your course. If you do not attend (no-show) your course on the day(s) of your course, for whatever reason, no refunds, credits or accommodations will be considered: this applies to informing Breath for Life of your absence on the day of the course and to arriving late for your course.
4 Full Course Final Sale Status When a course is marked “Full” on the website, this means ratio and classroom capacities have been reached. Based on this designation, your reservation is Final Sale, regardless of when you registered into the course, and no refund/credit or accommodations will be considered based on cancellation, reschedule or postponement requests regardless of reason. This applies regardless of when you registered into a course and the designation of “Full” was applied to a course. Breath for Life will not reverse the “Full” status of a course for any reason. 
5 Final Sale Status Final Sale status is given to your reserved course 2 business days prior to your course date. Business days does not include evenings after 4pm, weekends and/or holidays. For example: if you register into your course on a Friday evening into a weekend you are accepting your registration as final sale. When you register into a course over a holiday weekend your registration is final sale. Any refund/credit or accommodation request related to a cancelation, reschedule or postponement of your course within this time frame will not be accepted and will result in a loss of your registration payment (cost of the course) if you do not attend your course. Advising us the night before, or the morning of, your course start date/time also falls within this consideration.
Please note: If you register for your course within this two business day time period, your registration payment is final sale and the above applies. This policy applies regardless of whether a course is marked “Full” or not on the website.
6 14 Business Day Notice If you request to cancel, reschedule or postpone your course within 14 business days, outside of the final sale window outlined in point #5, of your course start date/time, you will be charged an administration fee set at $50.00 + tax to vacate your seat or reserve a future seat (as this represents over 1/2 the cost of the amount paid for this course registrants are advised to weigh their options before rescheduling or cancelling). This also applies if you register for your course within this time period and decide to vacate your reserved seat within this time period:
  1. If you request to cancel your course, a refund minus the administration fee will apply. The balance of your payment will be refunded to you based on the payment method used and no other method will be accepted. You will receive an email when you have been refunded with a revised receipt.
  2.  If you request to reschedule your course, your payment will be applied as a credit to reschedule into a future date plus the administration fee will be charged to reserve your seat.  A payment link will be emailed for payment of the administration fee. This must be paid within 24 hours and a course date must be specified on the payment link form reflecting your choice of a date which falls within 30 days of your original registration (dates are found on the website and must be referred to when rescheduling). If payment is not received within 24 hours of the payment link being emailed, your reschedule request will expire and your request to reschedule will be denied: no refunds/credits or accommodations will be allowed.
7 Reschedule One reschedule will be honored based on the conditions outlined in point #6 above. Any request to reschedule beyond this will not be honored and no credit of your initial payment will be carried forward to a future reservation/reschedule: no refunds, credits or accommodations will be considered. One accommodation to reschedule, transfer, postpone your course will be honored based on the conditions outlined in these policies. Requests that fall outside of the terms and conditions of the policies will not be honored and no credit of your initial payment will be carried forward to a future reservation/reschedule: no refunds, credits or accommodations will be considered. 
If you request to reschedule your course prior to the 14 business day window, outlined above, no charge will be applied to reschedule; only one reschedule will be permitted based on your registration.
8 Refunds Requests to cancel your course outside of the 14 business day window will be honored and a refund minus a 25% processing fee of your overall payment will be refunded. This charge is non-negotiable. Merchants pay fees for every transaction that occurs (registration and cancellation fees) and Breath for Life will not absorb these fees if you cancel your registration. The balance of your payment will be refunded to you based on the payment method used and no other method will be considered. You will receive an email when you have been refunded with a revised receipt.
9 Late Notifications If you inform Breath for Life of your inability to attend a course after your course has started (no-show) or after the course completion date, regardless of reason, no refunds/credits or accommodations will be permitted. 
10 Substitutions Regardless of the above, if you are able to transfer and surrender your course registration to someone else please email the office the name, email and course details around this transference and your registration will be transferred to that person. By surrendering your reserved seat to someone else you accept the loss of a refund/credit. An email will be sent confirming the transfer to both parties involved. This transfer is final sale. When the transfer has occurred, if that person requires to cancel, reschedule or postpone no refunds/credits or accommodations will be permitted. 
11 Holidays or Stat Holidays If you register into a holiday weekend your reserved seat is Final Sale and any consideration to cancel, reschedule or postpone your course will result in a loss of your registration fees: no refund/credits will be issued.
12 Minimum # Breath for Life’s commitment is to deliver the course that you register into. Based on minimum number enrollment requirements imposed on Breath for Life by its governing body (Heart and Stroke), on the rare occasion that a minimum number of registrants do not enroll into a course, Breath for Life will inform the registrant(s) of this occurrence. Breath for Life will email the registrant a minimum of two business days prior to your course start date and reschedule you into a future course based on a date of your choice at no charge.
13 Incomplete Course If you do not complete your course, or decide to leave your course, within the timeline of your course, regardless of reason, no refunds/credits will be issued. You will be required to reserve a future seat at the registration cost (cost of the course). You are required to attend 100% of your course to be certified. 
14 Footwear To keep the school safe and clean for everyone, shoes worn outside must be removed at the door. Breath for Life takes pride in delivering your course in a facility that is cleaned to a very high standard. Stating that you changed your shoes in your vehicle and then walk across the parking lot prior to entry will not be accepted as the Breath for Life facility is cleaner than the parking lot. Please bring slippers, clean indoor footwear or at a minimum wear socks.
15 Materials/Items Purchased materials are final sale. You must request your purchased material at the course. If you leave purchased course material behind it will be your responsibility to arrange a pick up time. Any refund requests around forgotten material will be denied. Alternately, you may make arrangements to pick up your material or request shipment of your material at the set rate of $35.00+tax by emailing:
Items left behind will be held in lost and found for no more than 2 weeks. If email  communication around the item is not received within this time frame, Breath for Life will either discard the item or donate it.
16 Respect Breath for Life will not tolerate behavior, words and/or gestures which conveys rudeness, hostility, anger to its staff or other participants within a course (this may take the form of bullying, anger, aggression, swearing, racial slurs, unkind words, manipulative language, etc). This will result in an immediate dismissal from your course without a refund or credit. The expectation of respect also applies to email communication: emails that are accusatory, pressured, unkind, manipulative and/or lack diplomacy will not be responded to. Please communicate politely and respectfully.
Respect of Facilities: behaviors that would suggest disrespect of Breath for Life’s facility, property, equipment, etc will not be tolerated. As courses are offered to the public, the Breath for Life facility, property and equipment must be maintained to a high standard and any disrespect could mean your dismissal from your course without a refund/credit or accommodation.
17 Unforeseen Circumstances By accepting the policies,  and then issuing payment to register into this course,  means that the registrant regards the policies as reasonable and will abide by them if life circumstances change.  
If life circumstances change, for which you require an accommodation to cancel, reschedule or postpone your course requesting a refund or a credit the terms of the policies will be applied. Your registration applies to a single date and time only, and not to a future date unless supported by policy.
Life circumstances fall outside of everyone’s control. The terms of the contract which were accepted when the registrant entered their name into the space provided in the registration form, prompting you to read the policies and accept the terms and conditions, may seem unreasonable and unacceptable when life circumstances change. By agreeing to the policies and issuing your payment, the terms of the contract will apply and the policies will be followed to ensure that everyone is treated equally.
In that the public expects Breath for Life to deliver the course that was paid for, regardless of any unforeseen circumstance that affects Breath for Life, Breath for Life expects that the registrant(s) attend their reserved course regardless of unforeseen circumstances. Should the registrant not attend their course, or are required to vacate their reserved seat, based on circumstances that are regarded as outside of their control or unforeseen, (examples include: inclement weather, car troubles, public transportation issues, work related scheduling conflicts, too busy, forgetting about your course, your alarm did not go off, babysitter challenges, illness or injury, road or train inconveniences, appointment conflicts or any other circumstance for which it is believed that an accommodation is deserved) policies will be followed.
18 Certification

Upon successful completion of your course, Breath for Life advises The Heart and Stroke of course completion. The Heart and Stroke issues certificates directly to the registrant’s Heart and Stroke account which is defined by either the email that you provided Breath for Life when you registered into your course or the Heart and Stroke number that is assigned to you based on past Heart and Stroke course registrations. Breath for Life does not issue certificates and it is the responsibility of the registrant to access their certificate and if required to show proof of certification to an employer. 

19 Account Management

The Heart and Stroke does not allow its course providers to make changes to your account. Providing accurate information matters so that your account is set up correctly. If an error is made, when inputting your information into the Heart and Stroke,  we will contact the Heart and Stroke to have the error corrected. If the registrant requires a correction to be made to their account because of a name change, email change, etc. the registrant will be required to contact the Heart and Stroke directly.