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This exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions. To pass you must achieve a 75% grade and then an electronic certificate will be emailed to you. If you are not successful you must re-register into the course. You must read the information sheet from CCOHS and watch the WHMIS video. Please click on the links. GHS and WHMIS, WHMIS Video
The email provided will be used to send you your e-certificate with a passing grade.
1. WHMIS applies to which of the following?*
2. Which of the following is not covered under WHMIS?*
3. How many hazardous material pictograms are there under WHMIS?*
4. What must supplier labels include?*
5. What must a Workplace Label include?*
6. When does a WHMIS SDS get replaced?*
7. Suppliers, importers and distributors of chemicals must: - Classify products they sell or distribute - Affix a supplier label on to the product produced - Develop and provide SDS information for the chemical product*
8. The creation of the Workplace Label is the sole responsibility of the employer?*
9. Do Supplier Labels require pictograms?*
10. Supplier Labels in Canada must be available in both English and French?*
11. A Workplace Label should be used when decanting or pouring a chemical from a larger marked container to a smaller unmarked container?*
12. Explosive products may become unstable when bumped, heated or dropped and could cause a fire or explosion?*
13. This term describes the severity of the hazard and is used on a Supplier Label and SDS?*
14. What does a controlled product mean?*
15. This signal word is used to describe hazards that are less severe in nature?*
16. Who is responsible for ensuring that Supplier Labels are obtained when defaced or damaged?*
17. Which hazard class has a black circle around it?*
18. Where would you find information on how to dispose of a product safely?*
19. Whose responsibility is it to train you, the employee?*
20. Why are labels important?*