Breath for Life Inc

“First Aid & CPR Training in Edmonton and Area”



Breath for Life Program Syllabus:

The following outlines the 240 hour EMR Program approved by the Alberta College of Paramedics.

The entry requirements are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • English 30 or higher
  • Math 10 or higher
  • Biology 30 or higher
  • Driver’s license – Class 5, GDL removed
  • Standard First Aid Level C CPR (must be current within one year of course commencement)
    • Must be taken through one of the following national providers: Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance or Heart and Stroke. Breath for Life will not accept certificates from private companies as per the Alberta College of Paramedics.
    • Breath for Life provides the Standard First Aid Level C CPR course through the Canadian Red Cross. It is highly recommended that you take this course with Breath for Life.
    • This course counts as 16 hours towards the 240 Hour EMR Program

The registrant must provide proof of the above and a copy will be retained for the student’s record.

EMR Core Course Cost:

Upfront Fees

  • Administration Fee: $175.00+GST (non-refundable)
  • Materials Fee: $275.00+GST (non-refundable if received or in shipment to be received; includes Text book and online user account with course content; stethoscope and blood pressure cuff will be provided on the first day of the course or may be picked up).
  • Registration Fee: The total cost of the EMR Core Course is $2000.00 (Tax Exempt). As per the Private Vocational Training Act, a $500.00 registration fee may be collected prior to the course (this fee is non-refundable after the 4th day of registration up to the commencement of the course: see statement below).

Due on the First Day of the EMR Core Course:

  • EMR Core Tuition Fee: $2000.00 (Tax Exempt): $500.00 registration fee is due when you book into the course. The registration fee will be applied to the Tuition fee on the first day of the course.
    • This fee does not include the cost of the following certification courses which must be taken to fulfill the requirements of the 240 Hour EMR Program:
      • Standard First Aid Level C CPR: $130.00 + tax
      • BLS Provider: $100.00 + tax. This course is offered during the EMR Core course and must be taken with Breath for Life. Prior certification in the BLS Provider course will not be accepted for credit towards the 240 Hour EMR Program.
      • Psychological First Aid: $150.00 + tax
      • ITLS: Students may choose where they want to take this course.
      • Driver Training: Rate set at $1175.00 plus tax by CTEC in St. Albert
  • In accordance with section 14 of the Private Vocational Training Act and Regulations, a registration fee of up to $500.00 may be charged prior to the training commencing. Once training has started, the registration fee forms part of the tuition paid. This will be taken into consideration when calculating tuition refunds in accordance with Section 17 of the Regulation.

Course Grading:

  • Group Assignment worth: 5%
  • Personal Reflection worth: 10%
  • Legislation Presentation worth: 5%
  • Patient Engagement: 4 assessments and write-ups worth 5% each (total course weight of 20%)
  • Midterm Exam worth: 15%
  • Final Scenario: 20% of overall mark; must achieve better than 80% to write the final exam.
  • Final Exam: represents 25% of the overall mark; must achieve a 75% to pass the course.

Class Time:

  • 8:00 – 5:00 PM

Course Description:

  • The EMR 240 hour Program is designed to meet or exceed the requirements set out by the NOCPs and ACP to prepare the student for registration with ACP.

Course Objectives:

  • To empower the student with critical thinking skills to manage practice challenges
  • To prepare the student for success when writing the ACP provincial examinations
  • To achieve a thorough understanding of scope of practice guidelines
  • To build confidence through training and practice so that the practitioner may demonstrate competence during patient contact.

Course Expectations:

  • Professional conduct
  • Appropriate attire
  • Commitment to learning
  • Attendance is mandatory

Course Completion:

  • When a student has successfully completed all of the requirements of the 240 Hour EMR Program they will receive:
    • A Breath for Life Certificate: ACP approved for Alberta only, and
    • Two Transcripts
      • Students have the option of purchasing a Canadian Red Cross EMR National Certificate and a Canadian Red Cross Advanced National First Aid Certificate (approved by OH&S).

The EMR Core Course Topics Includes:

  • EMS Operations
  • Well Being
  • Legalities
  • Communication
  • Critical Decision Making
  • Assessment and Practice
  • Anatomy
  • Pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Thermal Stress
  • Poisons
  • Substance Misuse and Abuse
  • Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Physical and Mental Challenges
  • Reaching and Moving
  • Lifting Program
  • High quality CPR
  • Patient Assessments