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How to Create Your Child’s Red Cross Account

Instructions to set up your Child’s Red Cross Account:

  • Enter the following url: to set up an account for your child.
  • Click Sign In,
  • Click Sign Up Now,
  • Enter the email that you will be using for your child,
  • Click Send Code, leave this page open and then go to the specific email and retrieve the code and enter the code in the Red Cross url,
  • Click Validate code. You will be prompted to create a password. Then click Create: and you will be directed to The profile Page which needs to be completed in the name of your child. Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit. Your child now has an active Red Cross account and the email that was used, cannot be changed or your child’s account will be invalid.
  • Please inform the instructor at the door on the day of the course that you have created a Red Cross account: details must include the email attached to the account and the last name in the account.

Please note: for incompatibility reasons apostrophes that appear in a last name: for instance, O’Connor needs to be entered as OConnor. The Red Cross is working on a solution to this problem.