Breath for Life Inc

“First Aid & CPR Training in Edmonton and Area”


Keeping You Safe During Covid

Breath for Life’s action plan to keep the public safe includes:

  1. All Breath for Life staff are fully vaccinated.
  2. As covid cases are on the rise, Breath for Life Instructors will wear a mask during instruction to keep themselves and others safe. 
  3. Breath for Life encourages the wearing of masks in the classroom to keep all participants safe.
  4. Registrations must be completed online to avoid unnecessary contact exposure. 
  5. To give us the time needed to focus on cleaning and sanitizing, we require that you email the office about any questions or concerns that you have. Emails will receive higher priority than voice messages.
  6. Random drop-ins are discouraged – please email for an appointment time.
  7. Contactless pick up of course material will remain a priority:  please email to arrange a time.
  8. Random screening for covid-19 symptoms will remain in effect: this includes answering basic covid-19 questions. 
  9. You will be required to sanitize your hands before entering the classroom (at all times).
  10. All touch surfaces will be sanitized either throughout the course or at the end of the course. Washroom touch surfaces , including washrooms, will be sanitized on a regular basis during your course for your comfort and safety.
  11. Students will practice skills on regularly sanitized equipment.
  12. Until the pandemic is over, Breath for Life’s kitchenette will not have a lounge area. Food items can once again be stored in the available fridge and warmed up in the microwave.
  13. Breath for Life requires your cooperation in helping us keep each other safe.

Dated Posted: March 10th, 2020

Updated: October 4, 2022