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SFA Renewal – Blended

Red Cross Standard First Aid Level A or C CPR Renewal Course – Blended

The Canadian Red Cross has removed this course, for public offering, for all Red Cross Companies across Alberta until further notice. If there is a company offering this course and you decide to take it, your Certificate will not be recognized by the Canadian Red Cross and OH&S. This course will be re-posted when the Canadian Red Cross permits.

In the meantime the course available for Standard First Aid/CPR renewal is: Standard First Aid Renewal – In-class


SFA Renewal – Blended Dates

  • Made the course enjoyable, had great examples to make things more understandable. Thank you!
  • Always makes the learning environment fun and knowledgeable. Thank for giving extra driving details on the website.
  • Great new building.
  • Very informative, kept class interested. 3rd time with Breath for Life.
  • Very impressed. Price point was competitive.
  • Great instructors, made the class fun and we could relate to their stories.
  • Practical gave me more knowledge and let me test my skills. Great experience.
  • Knowledgeable, quick, efficient, clear.
  • Very good course. Made it fun and interactive.
  • Made it interesting, kept pace going well, answered questions thoroughly. Enjoyed the course!
  • Awesome. Thanks for the painless recert! These courses are usually awful but I enjoyed today. I will take another course with Breath for Life as the cost is cheaper and I had fun today. Thank you!
  • Thank you for focusing on the most important info and being straight forward and concise. Hands on was very helpful.
  • Instructor was an engaging speaker, who share his knowledge in an interesting, fluent manner.
  • The instructor is awesome! I especially like the effort made to empower people to use the skills recertified. The instructor was engaging, entertaining, well-spoken, knowledgeable and overall incredible. I will take another course with BFL as you are fantastic! all my expectations were met and the course material was presented in an interesting manner. You guys are great and I intend to tell both co-workers and admin staff how pleased I was with BFL, and recommend your courses. I might consider taken EMR courses, just because the instructor made the course material so engaging. The instructor
    inspires people to remember the info provided. I could not possibly be more pleased with your organization. Thank you!!
  • Course was fun and applicable to real life. Facility- nice, bright and clean!
  • Made the class interesting and kept our attention at all times. Best first aid course I have had in my 20+ years of having first aid!
  • Thanks for having so many options (dates+times for classes) it helped!
  • I think it was the best so far for recerts I have done.
  • Instructor was very well organized and thorough. I have consistently received great training through Breath for Life but this was the best so far!
  • Good stories and engagement strategies.
  • Made what could have been a boring day fun!
  • Wow – instructor was really awesome! Kind, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. A wonderful refresher!
  • Lots of energy, friendly and very knowledgeable! Great day- thank you!
  • Additional information/examples excellent- no chance for boredom.
  • Thank you for your enthusiastic instruction- your anecdotes and questions for us to involve us.
  • Very through but kept it light and fun. Class had good flow!
  • Very enthusiastic and thorough. Made CPR and First Aid as exciting as I think it gets!
  • Thank you for taking the time to model CPR/First Aid methods. My confidence is restored. Thank you getting me in so quickly.
  • Best First Aid course I’ve taken, very knowledgeable and respectful!
  • Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I liked the scenarios when we learned a skill, more realistic.
  • Excellent job! The information was presented clearly and relevant to all workplace scenarios.
  • Excellent workshop. Absolutely enjoyed it! Probably the best course I’ve been involved!
  • Great course! Was very interesting, went by fast and was fun!
  • Very enthusiastic and interesting. Nice location and good equipment.
  • Very knowledgeable, many examples and interactive with class.
  • Very informative. Great course and I appreciate that it was done in a timely manner.
  • Excellent instructor. Makes the course fun and very informative. Thank you! Excellent! Nice new location!!
  • Both times I have taken First Aid with Breath for Life I remembered most of the info because the instructors are great! Thanks!
  • Nice new space. Glad instructor was the same as 3 years ago- shows good staff/company.