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Breath for Life carries a variety of safety products for your first aid needs. The First Aid Kit is rated as an OH&S Level 2 Kit. It conveniently unfolds, giving you the opportunity to grab what you need easily without hassle. The kits are portable and light weight. The mouth to mouth barriers are durable and can be used in any temperature. You can clip it onto a key chain for immediate access. Breath for Life also sells stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and penlights.


Pocket Mask

White hard case with Gloves
CPR Mask has a one-way valve and filter
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CPR Key-Chain Mask

Soft case Key-Chain with Glove
CPR Mask has a one-way valve and filter
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#2 Alberta OHS First Aid Kit

  • 1- First Aid Pocket Guide Bilingual
  • 1- CPR mask
  • 10-Antiseptic Towelettes
  • 50-Plastic Bandages (2 x 7.5cm)
  • 20-Gauze Pads (10x 10cm)
  • 3-Compress Bandage (10 x 10cm)
  • 3-Compress Bandage (15 x 15cm)
  • 1-Abdominal Pad, Sterile (20 x 25cm)
  • 2-Conform Bandage (7.5 x 4.5cm)
  • 4-Triangular Bandages
  • 1-Cloth Tape
  • 1-Straight Splinter Forcep
  • 1-Bandage Scissor 12-Assorted Sizes Safety Pins
  • 2-Elastic Support Bandage (7.5 x 4.5cm)
  • 6 pairs-Disposable Gloves
  • 1-Eye Pad, Sterile
  • 1-Bio-Hazard Bag (60 x 60cm)
  • 1-Pencil


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