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Cancellation and Reschedule Policy


Please read this link as it applies to how Breath for Life is keeping you safe when you participate in a course: Breath for Life’s commitment to Keeping you Safe.

Being on time for your course is essential and registrants who show up late may not be allowed into the building. Please check your registration date and time and please make being on time your priority.

Breath for Life Inc is restricting participant intake into the course that you are registering into to keep you and other participants safe during this pandemic. Given this, Breath for Life’s policies apply to covid-19 and flexibility in policy application to any other circumstance is limited due to the many directives that must be adhered to, to deliver your course safely. Your registration into a course implies a commitment to attend the course that you are registering into.

Notice: Due to Covid-19 the following policies apply:

By registering into this course you understand that you are registering during a pandemic and Breath for Life will not be issuing refunds for cancellations, reschedules or postponements of your course. As per this policy, if you have been exposed to a covid positive person, are covid positive or have symptoms one postponement (reschedule) of your course will be permitted but any further postponements (reschedules), for any reason, will result in a loss of your registration fees. No refunds will be issued to students who postpone, cancel or reschedule their course for reasons other than covid 19 during this pandemic: non-covid related requests to postpone and/or reschedule will be reviewed by Breath for Life on an individual basis: an administration fee for rescheduling will apply if a reschedule is approved. You must email as your request must be in writing. Your attendance into the course that you have selected is confirmed. Given the uncertainty of how covid-19 might affect government regulations around business operations, BFL reserves the right to postpone a course offering – no refunds will be issued for this occurrence. Should BFL decide to change its mode of delivery from in-class to other methods of delivery (blended learning, virtual, etc), in an attempt to comply with government regulations, you will be informed of this change. If you desire to postpone based on this, any registration into a future course will result in an administration fee. Each postponement, cancellation or reschedule will be reviewed on an individual basis. Please note: if you have a mask exemption letter you must communicate with the office prior to your registration via email at to discuss whether accommodations are available around your mask exemption status. If you show up to your course without prior communication around accommodation considerations, and expect to be allowed into your course without a mask you will be turned away and registration fees will be forfeited.

  1. If you are postponing and thus rescheduling your course because of covid-19 you must complete your self-isolation, remain asymptomatic and provide Breath for Life with a negative covid test result prior to rescheduling.
  2. If a postponement or reschedule is permitted, you have up to 6 weeks to complete your course.
  3. If you contact Breath for Life Inc about cancelling, rescheduling or postponing your course after your course has started, regardless of reason, you accept that you have forfeited your fees; a refund will not be issued.
  4. If you contact Breath for Life within 2 hours of your course wishing to cancel, reschedule or postpone your course for any reason, you accept that you have forfeited your registration fees. Ample notice must be provided to allow Breath for Life to contact students on its waiting list who also wish to take this course.
  5. This course may be rescheduled once: see covid 19 conditions above. Any further reschedules or postponements will result in a full loss of fees. A rescheduled course must be taken within 30 days of the original course booking. Any cancellation or reschedule of a course, after the first reschedule, will result in a full loss of fees. If you require to reschedule your course, please email breathforlifeinc@shaw.caYour request must be in writing. Notice: if you have covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive or have been exposed you must postpone your course; postponement will be allowed once without penalty (Please refer to Points 1 and 2 as your guide for cancelling or rescheduling).  
  6. If you do not attend your course or complete your scheduled course no refund will be issued.
  7. You must arrive on time for your scheduled course. If you arrive late for your scheduled course, it will be assumed that you will not be attending the course and no refund will be issued. Make it your priority to arrive on time. Please check your confirmation and receipt for the date and start time of the course. If you arrive late and the door is locked, entrance into your course will not be permitted.
  8. No reschedules or refunds will be permitted if your absence is due to inclement weather, car troubles or any other problem outside of Breath for Life’s responsibility. Breath for Life’s responsibility is to deliver the course you registered into. 
  9. If you book into a holiday weekend your booking is considered final sale and any consideration to cancel,  reschedule or postpone the course will result in a loss of your registration fees.
  10. These policies apply regardless of when you booked into your course.
  11. Given the above, when a course is marked as full on the website, no refunds will be issued for cancellations,  reschedules or postponements. Given the above if a course is not marked as full, the aforesaid policies apply without exception.
  12. Please ensure that your course selection is correct and that if you are taking a recert course that your card will not be expired on the date you take the renewal course. If your certificate is expired, and certificate date extensions have not been approved, you will be required to take the two day full course. Breath for Life will not accommodate an expired certificate and Breath for Life will only check your certificate on the date of course commencement. You must bring your previous certificate to the course you are attending.
  13. If you selected an incorrect course, Breath for Life will try to accommodate a change in your course within the same time period as your booking: the difference in cost to transfer you into the required course will apply. If Breath for Life cannot accommodate a transfer into the required course within the same time period that you registered into the course, a course cost difference and administration fee will apply to switch you into a new course date. If Breath for Life cannot accommodate you within the period of your booking and you decide to cancel based on this, no refund will be issued. If Breath for Life is able to accommodate you within the period that you registered and you decide to leave the course a full fee will be charged to book you into another course and no refund will be issued. Breath for Life will not issue refunds for an incorrect course booking.
  14.  All course materials are final sale.
  15. Regarding Blended Course content delivery: when Red Cross Modules have been released to you any request to cancel, reschedule or postpone will be denied resulting in a loss of your registration fees. If you miss your scheduled in-class session an administration fee will be charged for you to participate in a future course.

Reminder: Please bring indoor shoes or socks. For safety reasons, shoes worn outside will not be allowed in the training facilities.

Breath for Life Inc reserves the right to change policies without notice and any dispute of its policy will default to the latest version.